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Skin Brightening treatment doctor – Skin treatment are widely desired today. For flawless skin you may need skin specialist advise for better outcome. Get here skin Brightening treatment doctor in greater noida, Ghaziabad, Noida, Delhi and NCR India. You can also consult dr lalit kasana for better results on skin brightening in very short span.

Skin Brightening treatment doctor | Skin Specialist

Skin gives outer appearance to the personality. Glowing and bright skin always attract attention and they do not have any comparison. And that is how people create their first impression.

There are different external factors that make the skin rough and dry. Exposure to sun, pollution, stress, improper living style, and unhealthy food are some of the major causes of  skin related problems.

To keep the skin bright and healthy, it needs too much effort. We go for so many external applications like oils, lotions and creams to make it look better. One way to make this possible is by using home remedies and the other way is medical treatments.

Here we will discuss treatments that can give permanent skin brightness and glow.

Following treatments have proved to be very effective for skin brightening.


Skin Brightening treatment Microdermabrasion

It is a process in which fine crystals like aluminium oxide or diamond crystals are used. These crystals are spread on the skin surface. The skin is scrubbed with these tiny particles. This process removes the dead cells or dust particles stuck to the skin.

With the help of a device with a tip like vacuum cleaner, these particles are suctioned back. These days handy microdermabrasion devices are coming in the market that is self usable. But still it is good to get the microdermabrasion treatment done by a professional skin specialist.

Chemical peeling

As the name says chemical peeling, is the peeling of taking the topmost layer of skin. Skin looks dull only when the uppermost layer of skin is unclean. Once the dead cells and dust particles attached to the skin surface are removed, it looks bright and clean.

In the process of chemical peeling, three levels of treatment are followed. The superficial or mild level is used to treat the surface layer of skin using alpha and beta hydroxyl acids. In the moderate level, skin is treated till the epidermis layer. In this case trichloroacetic acetic acid is used.

At the deeper level, the chemical peeling is done with phenol. The skin is cleaned till the dermis layer. Since the chemicals used are in concentrated forms, so they can harm the skin adversely, if not used in a correct way. It is essential to undergo the chemical peeling treatment under proper guidance.

Laser treatment

Skin Brightening treatment Laser treatment

Laser treatment is considered as the permanent solution for all skin problems. From treating pimples, acne scars, moles and warts to stretch marks, laser treatment is used.

For skin brightening also laser treatment works. One of the major causes of darkening of skin is the excess production of melanin which is called melasma. In the process of laser treatment the skin is teased in such a way that, it instigates the immune system to build up collagen fibers and form a new skin.

The new skin formed during this procedure is bright and clear.  Laser rays are very high energy emissions. So it is advised to take up laser treatment under the supervision of an expert skin specialist like Dr. Lalit Kasana.


Hydroquinone is yet another chemical product that is used to treat darker patches of skin. It reduces the visibility of darker shades and makes the skin color look uniform.

It is helpful in treating small areas of skin. Since it is a pharmaceutical compound, it can only be used under the prescription of a doctor or skin therapist. Otherwise there can be unavoidable side effects.


Arbutin is one such compound that helps in the reduction of melanin secretion. At the time of exposure to sun, melanin secretion happens from melanocytic cells.

Though melanin protects the skin from sun rays and Ultra violet rays, but it tans the skin color. So, if the skin complexion is dull because of excess melanin, then in that case arbutin can be used. It should always be administered by a doctor.


Cryosurgery is a treatment for skin lightening. In this case skin lesions that come out because of excess body heat or some external factors are targeted to be treated and make the skin color uniform.

This process makes use of liquid nitrous oxide spraying. This reduces the lesions and removes the dead cells. It induces the formation of new cells that are light in color.

Skin brightening surgery

Skin Brightening treatment Skin brightening surgery

Surgery is the ultimate solution to all possible skin problems. It involves teasing the top layer of skin.

This instigates the collagen fiber to build and repair the damaged tissues. This gives rise to the renewal of old cells and formation of new cells and tissues.  This process gives a bright skin for an extended period of time.

Hope this article helps you to find the skin brightening treatment.

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