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Check here list of Radio frequency treatment and consult best skin specialist doctor in India. Hope this article helps you to find the perfect RF treatment and consult doctor lalit kasana – A world record holder skin specialist.

Radio frequency treatment

You would have heard about various medical treatments for skin. Each treatment is accompanied by advantages as well as disadvantages. This makes it difficult to choose the type of treatment that would suit your skin type the most. Before taking up any sort of decision about your skin, it is essential to know about the types of treatment available.

There are multiple surgical and non surgical treatments available for all the skin problems. One such non surgical treatment is Radio frequency treatment with the least side effects.

Here we will discuss about radio frequency treatment in detail.

Get to know about radio frequency treatment in depth.

What is radio frequency treatment

Radio frequency treatment,What is radio frequency treatment

Radio frequency treatment is  one of the treatments which is practiced for all kind of skin related issues. It makes use of radio waves which are of high energy. These waves are electromagnetic radiations with  a wavelength higher than infrared rays.

The frequency of these waves varies from 300 GHz to 3 kHz. It is available in affordable costs and has the least chances of allergies post treatment. There are different brands of products for this treatment. Some of them being INTRAcel, 3d lipo, Accent, ProMax lipo and many more.

Where is it used

Radio frequency treatment,Where is it used

It is mostly used for removing warts and moles, pimples, acne scars, pregnancy scars, premature wrinkles, skin sagging , under eye treatment and removing dark circles.

It can be used on parts like neck, cheeks, forehead, jawline, near nostrils, below the eyes and mid face areas.

For cases of hyperpigmentation and antiaging formula also, radio frequency treatment is used. The patient’s skin history is supposed to be checked before the commencement of treatment.

The skin is very sensitive to external applications and radio frequency treatment uses a high energy wave. So it is necessary that the treatment is proceeded under the guidance and supervision of an expert skin specialist like Dr. Lalit Kasana in Delhi.

How it works

Radio frequency treatment,How it works

As the radio frequency treatment is non surgical, it is completely non invasive. It does not involve any kind of cut or burns to the skin. This reduces the chances of any post treatment complications.

There are two types of RF treatment devices. One is monopolar or unipolar and the other one is bipolar. In monopolar device one electrode for the purpose of producing heating effect is used. This helps in heating the dermis layer of skin, as the current flows. This melts the fats or cellulites near the layer. This tightens the skin which makes it look more youthful. It also instigates the production of elastin to provide elasticity and the collagen fibers to repair and build up.

In the case of a bipolar device, two electrodes are used. This creates more heating effect and burns all the unwanted fats and cellulites surrounding the skin.

Benefits of Radio frequency treatment

  1. It tightens the skin and reduces sagging of the skin.
  2. It reduces undesirable skin fats and cellulites.
  3. It reshapes the contour of face.
  4. Not much costly
  5. It has proved to be very effective for wrinkles.


The effects of this treatment can be temporary. So it is advisable to make use of this treatment in the early phases of the skin problem.

It can cause minor redness and swelling. This can be reduced by following the post treatment instructions properly.

What Dr. Kasana has to say about this treatment

Dr. Kasana is known for the best treatments and services that he provides to the patients in Delhi and Greater Noida. He says that his passion to give a side effect free treatment is the best part of his service.

According to him Radio frequency treatment is very much convenient and useful for skin problems at an early stage. It can be treated from the roots.

Hope this article helps you to understand about Radio Frequency Treatment in detail. For any skin and hair related problems, contact the following details:

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