Pregnancy Scar treatment | Best ways to get rid of pregnancy scars

pregnancy scar treatment;laser removal

Get here ways to get rid of pregnancy scar and Pregnancy Scar treatment by skin specialist to help you to rejuvenate your skin in few days.

Pregnancy Scar treatment 

Giving birth to a new offspring is a God’s  gift to a woman.  She gets the power to germinate a new life and make another new creature of homosapiens. In old days people used to go for natural ways for delivery and labour. With the advancement in medical and sciences,  the methods of child birth have changed with the introduction of new techniques like forceps delivery, vacuum extraction, Cesarian section and many other surgical methods.

Pregnancy Scar treatment – During these nine months the body and the skin near uterus undergoes hormonal changes that cause the swelling in the uterus. Once the birth of child happens, the uterus deflates, and the skin in that area becomes loose. At the end this loose skin leaves stretch marks. Though the immune system has the power to heal wounds and marks of scratches and injuries, but at the times when the scar hurts the dermis layer of the skin, then the wound leaves scars.
pregnancy scar is one such type and if it is not healing 100% you may need Pregnancy Scar treatment to get rid of those scars.

There are many ways to remove these scars. Exercise is one of them which needs to be done regularly with no breaks. The other way is using natural antiseptics by applying  home remedies method.

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Here we will discuss about the other treatments of pregnancy scar.

Creams and lotions

Pregnancy scar treatment,creams and lotions

Various kind of creams and lotions are available in the market that help in preventing the pregnancy scars. The most popular of them is Bio oils which works like moisturizer and hydrates the skin. It helps in the exfoliation of the skin and removes the dead cells from the dermis layer. You can apply this oil post pregnancy at night. Allow the skin to absorb the oil deeper in the dermis layer to cure the scar from roots.

You can repeat this process daily to get better results. There are other lotions and oil like cocoa butter lotion, aloe vera gel, olive oil that work in the same way to cure the stretch marks. But these processes take time to fully heal the fine lines. The good thing is it is less expensive but you have to be patient for the results.

Laser removal

Pregnancy scar treatment -laser removal kasanahealthcare

Laser  removal process involves the peeling off the top layer skin using high energy excimer laser rays. These intense power rays break the bonds of the skin cells in the scar area and remove them from the surface. This causes tiny punctures in the skin which help in the formation of collagen fiber and fill up the broken molecular bonds with new layer of skin.

The skin turns red in that area, as a layer of skin has been removed. But this process takes a maximum of three days to heal fully and remove scars. Since it does not involve any surgical methods, it is safe to use and less painful. But it should be handled by an expert like skin specialist Dr. Lalit Kasana, otherwise it can cause severe damages to skin as well. As it includes 7-8 treatments, it is more or less expensive like surgical methods.


In microdermabrasion a vacuum tube like structure uses fine crystals of aluminium oxide to scrub the dead skin cells and vacuum them out. This pushes  the immune system to form  elastin and collagen fibers. As a result of which a new skin develops on the top of it.

It involves very less recovery time, causes no pain and is not much expensive. It can reduce the intensity of scar, but you cannot assure full scar removal.

Blue light treatment

Pregnancy scar treatment,blue light therapy

It is mostly used for acne scar treatment. Since pregnancy scar also affects the dermis layer of skin as acne, blue light therapy can be used for removing pregnancy scar.  In this process photosensitive gel is first applied in the affected area. Then light energy particles are sprayed in the region.

It can reduce the formation of other fine lines, but cannot be much effective in permanent scar removal.

Surgical methods

If you want to permanently remove the scar instead of reducing its visibility, then you can go for surgical methods. In this process the abdominal muscles are tightened. The extra skin is being taken out near the abdomen. this procedure is called ‘Tummy Tuck’.

There are various other techniques also, depending on which the expense will come. For undergoing surgical treatment, you need to have a healthy body and skin and make sure that you consult a skin specialist like Dr. Lalit Kasana.

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