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Photo facial: आप त्वचा की समस्याओं से पीड़ित हैं। आप त्वचा की चमक खो दिया है? यहाँ समाधान को जानते हैं। To maintain the glow of skin is quite difficult these days. The increasing amount of pollution in the atmosphere makes the skin complexion dull. Check out the photo facial for your skin to regain the shine of skin.

Photo facial

Exposure of the skin to external factors like solar radiation, ultra violet rays and environmental pollution can extract the moisture of the skin and make it dry. This results in premature ageing signs and symptoms.

With development in medical science, we can instigate the auto immune system to repair and build up collagen and elastin. This adds in keeping the skin firm and results into the formation of new skin which gliitters. Photo facial is one way to maintain the skin brightness. Here we will know in depth about photo facial.

What is photo facial

Photo facial What is photo facial

Photo facial is also called “fotofacial” IPL or Intensive Pulsed Light. It majorly targets the pigmented areas on the skin, like hyperpigmentation, sun burn and many more.

The formation of pigmented patches on the skin makes the skin look dull and full of spots. A spotless skin is always admirable. Photo facial is one such way to get rid of these pigmented areas. This pushes the immune system to form collagen to support the skin muscles and repair broken veins and capillaries.

How it works

Pigments are formed due to the collision of melanocytic cells. These cells club together and form a group. The principle behind the working of photo facial is that, a high energy light fragments the pigmented cells. These get absorbed in the body.

Photo facial How it works

Intense pulsed light rays of multiple and varying frequency are passed through the pigmented region. Because of the heat of this high intensity light, the pigmented cells get destroyed. They get fragmented and are absorbed by the blood cells.

Sometimes anesthesia is administered to the patient to avoid pain and proper execution of the treatment process. It is advisable to protect the skin from sun exposure. Post treatment instructions should be followed for quicker recovery and to avoid further complications.

Advantages of photo facial

  • Photo facial has proved to remove acne marks and deeper scars.
  • It works for all skin types.
  • Post treatment problems are not expected.
  • It is less costly compared to other medical treatments.

Quicktips for protecting skin from dullness

  1. Avoid exposure to sun, use SPF.
  2. Wash your face with normal water at least 3-4 times a day.
  3. Make sure to remove makeup before sleep to allow the skin to breathe.
  4. Before taking up any treatment, know your skin type and what suits your skin best from an expert skin specialist like   Dr. Lalit Kasana in Ghaziabad.
  5. Try to avoid fast food, instead you can add more fruits to the diet.
  6. Drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated for the whole day.

Hope that with this article you can understand the process of photo facial. You can also try out meso glow treatment.

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