Laser Treatment for Hair Fall (Doctor in Ghaziabad/Greater Noida)

Laser Treatment for Hair Fall

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Laser Treatment for Hair Fall

How to start Laser Treatment for Hair Fall – Hair fall is a problem that is everyone’s part of life, be it less or more. Causes or reasons for hair loss can differ from person to person. People take up home remedies first to sort out this problem. But sometimes intense hair fall, hair thinning or pattern balding cannot be stopped by natural or home solutions. One another way to achieve this is Laser Treatment.

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Laser Treatment for Hair Fall

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Here are the answers to the questions when we think of Laser Treatment:

What is Laser Treatment or Laser Therapy of hair fall?

Laser Therapy or Low Level laser therapy(LLLT) is a form of photo biotherapy in which the rays penetrate the skin without breaking it. It has been observed that if laser therapy is administered to the scalp, it stimulates new hair growth or repairs the broken hair, thus, preventing hair loss.

Laser is a short form which stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. It’s a device which emits light by optical amplification which is the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation.
Laser waves lie in the range of 650 to 670 nm wavelength. This wavelength of laser wave is also called red laser.
LLLT  is a low power laser also called soft laser.

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Why Laser Treatment for hair fall is needed?

Our scalp is very sensitive to any external pressures. Laser hair loss treatment is fully designed in such a way to make the hair growth treatment non surgical, fast and pain free with no adverse effects.

This treatment is advisable when the signs and symptoms are of pattern balding.
Both men and women can undergo this treatment, if at all they feel the thinning of hair in certain areas of scalp. Almost 70 % of men and 40 % of women are affected by Androgenetic alopecia(sudden loss of hair from some areas on scalp) once in their life span. In men the pattern balding varies with that of women, however ultimately it’s the hair loss problem.

How Laser Treatment for hair fall is done?

Hair growth occurs in a natural consisting of three different phases- anagen, catagen and telogen. Each hair strand grows till the telogen phase and then it falls out. The hair root rests for two to three weeks before starting the regrowth of a new hair.

This regrowth phase is called as Exogen. This process continues for lifetime. When the number of hair falling out is more than the number of hair regrown, baldness happens.

Laser treatment  involves the principle of biotherapy, according to which cells in the scalp absorb light and repair themselves. This light stimulates blood supply, protein synthesis and cell metabolism to allow more nutrients to reach to the follicles.

This allows the debris surrounding the follicle like testosterone, DHT(Dihydrotestosterone) and other hormones to dissolve and clear the follicle to grow hair through the follicle, thus, promoting hair growth. This method is also referred as healing of the scalp.

How much cost and time is needed to finish Laser Treatment for hair fall?

To restore hair growth, treatment should be started before root cells are dead. So the sooner you start the treatment,the better the results will be. Please contact us on for more price detail.

It takes 20 minutes for an individual treatment. Though, partial programs are there to get full benefits of laser treatment for regrowth of hair, but its advisable to take a program for one year.

The process follows like firstly, a patient undergoes two treatments per week for three months. Then the treatment is reduced to one per week for the next three months. Totally a patient has to undergo almost 70 treatments in the course of one year. After 10-12 treatments people start experiencing hair regrowth.

There are full and partial programs with varying treatment costs.

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What are the Risks associated with Laser Treatment?

Laser Therapy is completely safe and meets all the International Safety Standards and specifications of a Non Significant Risk product. So many laser procedures have been performed, but till date no side effect case has been reported.

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