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Body polishing treatment: Body polishing is like a full body treatment. We mostly concentrate on our face when it comes to appearance. But we cannot ignore the whole body which supports the face. It is essential to get body polishing done at least once in a month for good health of skin.

Body polishing treatment

In the procedure of body polishing, the dead skin cells, excess oil and the dust particles attached to the skin are removed. This is achieved by scrubbing the skin. It promotes the growth of new cells which make the skin glow. Post this, a process of moisturizing is followed.

This helps to clean the skin pores and allow them to breathe. This improves blood circulation which ultimately keeps us healthy. Body polishing can be done in different ways. These days varieties of spas are also available. If you want to make your own mask, you can go for home remedies.

Somehow, these processes can be time consuming and need a regular practice. If you want to go for quicker results, you can try out the available medical treatments.

Following is a list of body polishing treatments for sooner and long lasting outcomes.

Below is a list of the most followed medical treatments for body polishing by expert skin specialists like Dr. Lalit Kasana.


Body polishing treatment Microdermabrasion

As the name says Microdermabrasion is a process of scrubbing the skin at a micro level. It removes the debris on the skin comprising of dead cells and dust particles stuck to the skin.

In the procedure, a device having tip like that of a vacuum cleaner is used. With the help of this device. a layer of fine crystals of aluminium oxide or diamond is sprayed on the skin. This is followed by the process of abrasion in which the skin is scrubbed at a deeper level.

Then these fine crystals are removed from the skin with the unwanted debris on the skin. This makes the skin cleaner which ultimately helps it in shining and glowing.

Laser treatment

Laser treatment is considered as the ultimate medical treatment for all skin problems. The principle behind this therapy is to tease the skin in such a way that the auto immune system is instigated enough to develop a new layer of skin. And new skin always shines and is cleaner and healthier.

It makes use of highly energised laser rays which are very powerful and heat up the skin. This instigates the formation of collagen that holds up the skin tight. It also helps in the formation of elastin which maintains the elasticity of the skin. This gives rise to a new layer of skin that glows on the body..

The cost and number of sessions of treatment is directly proportional to the area of the skin treated. The pre and post treatment instructions given by the professional must be followed for no complications.


Body polishing treatment Dermaroller

Dermaroller is a device that is used to roll on the skin. The concept behind working of this device is that it creates tiny and very minute injuries to the skin. This forces the autoimmune system to heal them and form a new skin on top of it.

The device dermaroller consists of tiny spine like structures on top of it. This creates small punctures in the skin layer when it is rolled over the skin. This should be done under the supervision of an expert, otherwise it can cause undesired injuries on the skin.

The collagen fibers are also repaired in this process. The healing process takes little more time compared to laser treatment.

Chemical peeling

Chemical is yet another to polish the body skin. It includes three levels- mild level, moderate level and deeper level.

In the mild level, alpha and beta hydroxyl acids are used to peel of the uppermost layer of skin consisting of invisible dirt particles. In the moderate level, TCA (Trichloroacetic acid ) usedwhereas for deeper level phenol is used.

These chemicals are used in more concentrated forms. So it is advisable to undergo this treatment under the supervision and guidance of a professional skin specialist like Dr. Lalit Kasana.

Spa treatment


These days various kinds of spa treatment and body care therapies have come into the market.

For making use of spa treatment, it is essential to know your skin type. You can consult a skin specialist for all the information of your body type. This helps in deciding what works best for you and choosing the best spa treatment.

Hope this article helps you to select the most suitable treatment for your body type. You can also check out home remedies for body polishing.

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