Birth Mark removal treatment | Permanent tattoo removal medical treatment

Birth Mark removal treatment: The birthmarks can look beautiful when its a small dot. But when it covers larger areas of skin,it interferes with the physical appearance and becomes a problem. If your birthmark is annoying you and you want to get rid of it, here is the list of medical treatments available to it.

Birth Mark removal treatment

Birthmarks are considered to be God’s creation. The mythology describes the significance and losses of each birthmark in a person’s life, according to its location on the body.

There are two types of birthmarks- vascular and pigmented birthmarks. Vascular birthmarks include HemangiomasMacular stains, Port-wine stains and Nevus of Ota. They are usually red or pink in color. The reason behind these birthmarks can be abnormality in blood vessels.
Pigmented birthmarks include moles, Mongolian spots and Café au lait spots. They are mostly black in color. These can result from excess secretion of melanin.

Some birthmarks can cause bleeding  and result into cancer also. So it is essential to know the type and cause of birthmark. For that you can consult an expert skin specialist like Dr. Lalit Kasana.

Here we will discuss the medical treatments available for Birthmark removal.

Following are the medical treatments used for Birthmark removal treatment.

Laser treatment

Birth Mark removal treatment Laser treatment

Laser treatment is considered as the ultimate solution for all the skin related problems. For birthmark removal purpose also laser therapy works.

The principle behind this treatment is that a highly energised laser ray penetrates deep inside the skin. It removes the dead cells and dust particles attached to the surface layer of skin. When this light ray teases the skin, it stimulates the autoimmune system of the body to build up and repair the collagen fibers. This helps in the formation of a new layer of skin on the surface.

While initiating the process of laser treatment, the patient is administered anesthesia. This aids in the Birth Mark removal treatment. The patient cannot feel the heat or pain during the course of treatment. Since the laser rays are very powerful, it is recommended to undergo the process of laser treatment under the supervision of an expert skin specialist like Dr. Lalit Kasana.

Q switched laser

It is one form of laser treatment that makes use of Q switched laser. This technique is an advancement form of laser treatment which has come into practice recently. It is mostly used for skin damage due to sun, spots, marks and scars.

In this process. the high energy light destroys the pigmented cells caused by the excess secretion of melanin or any external factors by the process of fragmentation. The skin then appears evenly colored.

It is known for its fast way of Birth Mark removal treatment as it hardly takes 15-20 minutes for one session. It does not cause any side effects and the patient can resume work post treatment. Depending on the area of mark and the intensity of pigmented cells, the number of sessions of treatments and the corresponding cost is decided.

Pulsed dye laser

Birth Mark removal treatment Pulsed dye laser

This is yet another type of laser treatment and is mostly used for vascular birthmarks. It makes use of V beam pulsed laser rays which has cooling features added to it. This makes the patient more comfortable while proceeding with the treatment.

A ray of laser light is passed through the skin. It breaks the pigmented cells with the heat of the laser rays. The good thing is it does not cause any irritation and is used for all skin tones. Follow the instructions post treatment.


This process is also called photofacial or Intensive Pulsed Light treatment. This makes use of light rays with multiple pulses. These light rays heat the pigmented cells and they get fragmented .

It is used for vascular birthmarks. It can cause bruise or redness on pink colored birthmarks. You should follow post treatment instructions to avoid any sort of complications.

Chemical peeling

Birth Mark removal treatment Chemical peeling

Chemical peeling is used to remove marks, acne and pimple scars and spots with the help of chemicals. These chemicals are used at three levels. the first one is superficial or mild level. In this level, the birthmarks that are smaller and has affected the first layer of skin can be treated. The chemicals used here are alpha and beta hydroxyl acids.

The second one is moderate level where the mark roots lie in the epidermis layer. In this case concentrated trichloroacetic acid is used. The third one is deeper level where phenol is used. Since these processes make use of chemicals in concentrated form, it is advised to undergo the treatment by an expert professional.

Cosmetic surgery

When people need quicker results, they move to cosmetic surgery. In this process, birthmark can be removed by taking of the mark and aid the autoimmune system to generate a new layer of skin on top of it.

Though it is somewhat costly than other treatments as it gives sooner results. This process can be invasive, so it is recommended to take up cosmetic surgery by experts like Delhi based Dr. Lalit Kasana.

Hope this article helps you to find the correct Birth Mark removal treatment. You can also try Birth mark removal home remedies.

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